SEC Rule 137 –Research distribution by Broker/Dealers not participating in offering
July 23, 2004 - IPO (Quiet Period) Rule seen hurting, not safeguarding investors
SRO Rule Amendments Addressing Research Analyst Conflicts of Interest
SEC Fact Sheet on Global Analyst Research Settlements

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Well Auctioned's Independent Research

Institutional quality research at an affordable price, when you need it — Before the IPO!

Well Auctioned is offering 50% inaugural discounts on our research product.

All for less than the cost of a trade.

Scott ApplebyWell Auctioned7/28/200435$60 $29.95Gold Report Package includes W$50,000 auction tokensBuy now
7/28/200450$400 $199.95Platinum Report Package includes W$1,000,000 auction tokens, Participation in Conference Call with AnalystBuy now
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Why is Well Auctioned's research so unique?

Everyone agrees that independent research is important, but no one has been willing to provide it at an affordable cost to the average investor — until now. Well Auctioned only selects independent senior research analysts. We require that they write a report that would satisfy an institutional investor, but be easily digestible to all investors in a summary format. The analysts agree not to participate in the IPO in any manner other than providing their knowledge to Well Auctioned's customers.

Analysts who work for a brokerage firm or investment advisor involved in the distribution of the IPO are prohibited by the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") rules from publishing until 25 days (the "Quiet Period") after the IPO — not much help when you are trying to understand hundreds of pages of a prospectus before you put thousands of dollars into a speculative and potentially risky investment. Well Auctioned's research bolsters customer knowledge during the information void of the "Quiet Period", both before the IPO and in the often turbulent first days of aftermarket trading. Our research is still relevant after the IPO, both to current owners of the IPO, as well as those who may want to invest in the aftermarket.

We hope to make Well Auctioned research the "Independent Voice of Choice" for understanding IPOs.

We look forward to seeing you at the practice session for the auction simulation!

Disclaimer. No information provided by Well Auctioned or its website shall be construed as tax, financial or investment advice. Participation in Well Auctioned is entirely voluntary and does not convey any special rights or privileges to investors with regard to an actual IPO�s final pricing or allocation thereof. Well Auctioned is not affiliated with any NASD member. Simulated Auction results may vary from Actual Auction results, and Well Auctioned assumes no liability for any loss (actual or imputed) for such participation. Full Terms and Conditions
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