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August 24: Investors Business Daily, Small Google investigators trade places with big guys
August 21: Stamford Advocate, Greenwich firm wants to help sharebuyers bridge information gap
August 14: S.F. Chronicle, Google IPO bids get under way
August 13: Investors Business Daily, The Google scavenger hunt continues
August 13: N.Y. Post, Google IPO Kicks Off
August 11:, Google IPO could launch this week
August 10: Wall Street Journal / Financial Review, Google IPO goes off the boil
August 2: Investment Dealers' Digest, New Research Aimed at IPOs
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About Us - Introduction

Welcome to Well Auctioned! We are an online financial information provider of Independent Research and Price Discovery Tools for IPOs. Our service blends independent analyst and customer-generated information to deliver proprietary market valuation insights when they are most needed — before investors risk their hard earned money on a speculative IPO.

We encourage both small retail and large institutional investors to participate in this service. Together, Well Auctioned's analyst and customer community makes a positive difference to you, to the company issuing the IPO, and to the fairness and transparency of US capital markets!

We have endeavored to make high quality independent research and auction simulation services available to all investors at an affordable price. Customers can learn what the Well Auctioned Community thinks about an IPO, but each customer's inputs are kept strictly confidential.

So if you like the premise of what Well Auctioned offers, please tell your friends who like to invest in IPOs — it’s in your interest. The more people who try out this service, the closer it resembles a real market, thus the information you receive grows significantly in value to you.

We hope you will enjoy the Well Auctioned experience!

Disclaimer. No information provided by Well Auctioned or its website shall be construed as tax, financial or investment advice. Participation in Well Auctioned is entirely voluntary and does not convey any special rights or privileges to investors with regard to an actual IPO�s final pricing or allocation thereof. Well Auctioned is not affiliated with any NASD member. Simulated Auction results may vary from Actual Auction results, and Well Auctioned assumes no liability for any loss (actual or imputed) for such participation. Full Terms and Conditions
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